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Driven by Science

It’s all about finding smart people who love science, and giving them a secure environment where they can be creative.

Dr. Allen Eaves, Founder, President, CEO
Dr. Allen Eaves, Founder, President, CEO

Careers at STEMCELL

STEMCELL offers exciting and rewarding career paths for those with scientific training who wish to continue with a research-based career, those who are looking to support science away from the lab bench, and people with expertise outside of (or in addition to) science. Our employees are passionate about working for our purpose-driven, international, fast-paced, and growing company that supports the advancement of health sciences research globally. We offer internal training and career mentorship so that employees can develop their career interests and skills, defining their own careers over time.

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Scientists Helping Scientists.

Help progress research.

Make your own path.

Be part of something bigger.

Apply science away from the bench.

Marta, Research and Development

Science at the Bench

Having trained in academia, I know the struggle of inconsistent results. The reward in my job is knowing that the technologies I’m developing are having a broad impact by providing researchers with robust protocols for entire research workflows. We also equip scientists with emerging technologies and the knowledge they need to integrate new methods into their research. I’m constantly challenged to keep on top of every aspect of my field, from fundamentals to cutting-edge discoveries, and I’m honored to work alongside the scientific experts and inspiring leaders at STEMCELL.

Marta Walasek, PhD
Senior Scientist, Research and Development

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Bari, Sales

Science Away from the Bench

I feel that having a career in science but off the bench gives me the best of both worlds. My strength is interpersonal relationships and STEMCELL helped me further build the associated skillset required to excel at my role. I get to interact with scientists and help enable their pursuits of scientific discoveries. The end result—making a scientist’s job easier—makes me excited to come to work every single day.

Bari Aadum, BSc
Scientific Sales Representative, Sales

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Tracy, Human Resources

United by Purpose

My background is in human resources, leadership, and development. I was worried that I’d feel like a fish out of water without any formal science training. But, I quickly picked up during the interview process that everyone is tightly connected by the overall purpose of the company. It is the impact on science more than our backgrounds in science that matters. My colleagues are incredibly smart, but humble, hungry for challenge, without ego, and just down-to-earth good people. Nobody is here for glory—we’re all here to contribute, to support others, and to do the best work of our lives.

Tracy Nazareth, MA
Manager, Learning & Development (Human Resources)

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Paul, Project Management

Make Your Own Path

STEMCELL helped me navigate a major career transition and feel satisfied and stimulated in my new role. The expertise in the company is tremendous, and the leadership is very supportive of employees creating their own paths and setting their own trajectories. Learning from my colleagues and having the opportunity to try new things while feeling like I’m contributing to a larger purpose is incredibly rewarding.

Paul Luczon, BSc
Project Manager, Corporate Projects

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