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At STEMCELL, our work reflects who we are as people. The company was founded on five core values, Innovation, Responsiveness, Quality, Collaboration, and Integrity, and these are infused in everything we do. We are united by one common goal—to advance science—and it is both humbling and deeply gratifying to come to work every day to work alongside brilliant, like-minded people.

The STEMCELL Core Value that resonates most with me is INNOVATION. Being able to support researchers and bring research forward inspires me every day. I am always humbled by how scientists use our products to enable new discoveries that are life changing.

Adil Kassam, PhD
Senior Scientist, Research & Development

STEMCELL's Core Value of RESPONSIVENESS is felt throughout the company. I value our diverse, dynamic and cross-functional teams and I feel the responsibility to be valuable to them. Our collaborations drive development of solutions that make us responsive to the needs of the scientific community.

Sanja Sekulovic, PhD, MBA
Director, Research & Development Operations

STEMCELL's Core Value of QUALITY permeates everything we do. Our ability to advance together at a rapid pace is grounded in trust and openness. People offer insights and challenge each other because we are all motivated to improve the quality of the final product. We are united by the purpose of the company. Every day I contribute my little bit in support of this large vision. Every bit adds up.

Moin Qureshi, MSc
Director, Supply Chain Operations

COLLABORATION is a STEMCELL Core Value that defines my role. As a Project Manager I feel like an agent of collaboration. I work to bring out the best in a team by connecting and enticing individuals to create a value greater than the sum of its parts.

Emaleah Shackleton, MA
Manager, Marketing Project Management

STEMCELL's Core Value of INTEGRITY shows in our unapologetic drive to advance science. The part that sucked me in is that money is just the by-product of our pursuits to accelerate science and improve human health. This north star really helps us make decisions and in a way that also aligns with my personal values.

Erik Hadley, PhD
Senior Director, Process Development
Group of Doctors performing peer review

We put ourselves up for Peer Review

At STEMCELL, we claim to be Scientists Helping Scientists, but we know that scientists don’t accept claims as truth - they demand scrutinized data. So, we put ourselves up for peer review. Find out what three visiting postdocs concluded about STEMCELL.

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Our Science

STEMCELL specializes in developing cell culture media, cell separation systems, instruments, accessory products, and scientific services that are used by life sciences researchers working in the cell therapy, cancer research, and regenerative medicine fields. Our products streamline research protocols, reduce experimental variability, and increase the accuracy of results. We develop our products to support entire experimental workflows, from cell sourcing through isolation, characterization, expansion, differentiation, maintenance, and storage. We also offer scientific services such as educational resources and contract assay services. Whether by developing, testing or manufacturing products, working directly with scientists to identify solutions, or supporting the organization through various business roles, at STEMCELL every employee plays a part in benefiting the scientific community.

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Scientists Helping Scientists